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Lecture on ‘Financing Social Enterprise’ at Republ...
Lecture on ‘Financing Social Enterprise’ at Republic Polytechnic

  It was the day before their last exam paper. However, exam anxiety did not distract the second year Social Enterprise students of Republic Polyt [ ... ]

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Official Signing of CCF Grant Document by Runningh...
Official Signing of CCF Grant Document by Runninghour

  SNCF welcomed Runninghour Co-operative Limited at our office earlier this morning for an official signing of the ‘CCF Grant for New Co-operati [ ... ]

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Runninghour Co-operative Limited is the latest addition to both the Co-op Movement & SNCF. Find out here how Runninghour Co-op is unique from any other Co-operatives.

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Forming a Co-operative takes your interest in 'doing well, and doing good', to a whole new level, where one can directly make a difference to lives via your sustainable social enterprise. Find out more...

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