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Welcome Silver Horizon’s new EXCO on board!
Welcome Silver Horizon’s new EXCO on board!

Front row: (from left) Judy, Shirley, Helen, Florence, Lilian
Back row: Rosie, Rosalind, HP Silver Horizon Travel Co-operative Ltd, a social enterpr [ ... ]

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Runninghour2015 – Run So Others Can
Runninghour2015 – Run So Others Can

  This inaugural national event on 22 March 2015 is the first and only race in Singapore where participants run alongside over 200 visually, i [ ... ]

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coop-stories runninghour

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Runninghour Co-operative Limited is the latest addition to both the Co-op Movement & SNCF. Find out here how Runninghour Co-op is unique from any other Co-operatives.

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Forming a Co-operative takes your interest in 'doing well, and doing good', to a whole new level, where one can directly make a difference to lives via your sustainable social enterprise. Find out more...

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