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SNCF & affiliates now members of raiSE
SNCF & affiliates now members of raiSE

SNCF, and its affiliates are now members of raiSE from 11 November 2016.  raiSE provides a range of support to help social enterprises from st [ ... ]

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Updates to Code of Corporate Governance for Credit...

As of 17 October 2016, the Code of Corporate Governance for credit co-operatives has been updated. Download Code of Governance for credit co-operativ [ ... ]

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Singapore co-op stories

Co-op Stories

The co-operative movement is 90 years old, and we have 90 years of stories to share. Find out about both local and international co-ops and you may be surprised just who’s a co-op!
Form a co-op in Singapore

Form a Co-op

Forming a Co-operative takes your interest in 'doing well, and doing good', to a whole new level, where one can directly make a difference to lives via your sustainable social enterprise. Find out more...
Find a Co-Op in Singapore

Find a Co-operative

Our affiliates fall into 4 Main Sectors:
  • Credit Co-operatives Sector
  • NTUC Co-operatives Sector
  • Service Co-operatives Sector
  • Campus Co-operatives Sector

Click here to access the SNCF Affiliate Directory.

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